Future Proofing Our Business

The only constant in the world today is the relentless pace of change.

As principal of a highly successful, boutique real estate business, it took the devastating, global COVID-19 crisis to take us to the next stratosphere, future-proofing our business.

Mary Bailey Real Estate joined eXp, the fastest-growing, global, cloud-based, multi-million-dollar real estate brokerage in the world. She is building a self-sustaining, thriving business, with the kind of infrastructure, institutional support, learning, earning, generous commissions and passive income.

eXp draws on accumulated real estate knowledge, passion, commitment, enterprise, teamwork and raw, creative energy. This offers a solid foundation for a successful future in local and global real estate in the world tomorrow.

Why Join Us?

We have access to a plethora of buyers and sellers and cutting-edge marketing collateral, in the global frontline with some of the greatest leaders in the real estate industry, many of them right here in South Africa. The revenue-share model allows us to earn more income on our commissions and to become an owner in the business, getting NASDAQ shares when we hit milestones, simply doing what we do anyway.

They say your net WORTH is linked to your net-WORK, and this has definitely proved the case with eXp. Access to an online cloud-based world via the most extraordinary technology, Virbela, has been a Game-Changer. eXp offers a virtual world that brings business and in-person experiences to life, online - enabling remote teams to be more connected and productive. It's an ideal space to work, learn, meet, and train in an immersive, online virtual world from anywhere around the globe.

As eXp agents we interact directly with top, leading-edge, global real-estate skills development and property practitioners and motivators sharing their life-time experiences, insights and lucrative solutions to global real estate challenges.

Taking our Real Estate to the Next Stratosphere

In a world where uncertainty is the only certainty - this awesome opportunity puts Mary Bailey Real Estate on the global real estate frontline. We're taking the property industry by storm and revolutionizing the real estate universe. With property prices on the up-and-up we are poised for even greater success than ever.

Contact us now for more info on joining eXp South Africa. It has proved a complete Game Changer.

There is no reason eXp can't do exactly the same - and a whole lot more - for you.


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